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College of Animal
Homeopathic Medicine

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College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine
Required Books

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To purchase books please refer to Links and Resources page and go to links for "Whole Health Now" and/or "Minimum Price Homeopathic Books". Please mention that you are purchasing books for CAHM as these companies may provide a discount. If you are unable to find a supplier, please contact us.


CAHM's HPTG Program

Note: the books that are indicated with an * are required for Year 1. The remainder of the books are required for Years 2 and 3.

Veterinary Homeopathic Texts:
* Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy (Beaconsfield 2005)Saxton and Gregory
Homeopathic Treatment of Small AnimalsDay
The Homeopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy CattleDay
Homeopathy for HorsesCouzens

Introductory Texts: (Ideal to read before Module 1)
* Homeopathy - Medicine of the New ManVithoulkas
* Homeopathy First Aid for PetsDay

Materia Medicas:
* Concordant Materia MedicaVermeulen
* Lotus Materia MedicaMurphy
Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory SymptomsMorrison
Desktop Companion to Physical PathologyMorrison
Lectures on Materia MedicaKent
The Bowel NosodesPaterson

* SynthesisSchroyens
* The Complete RepertoryVan Zandvoort

Computer Repertories:
Choose one of the following:
Note: RADAR is recommended by CAHM's HPTG as it is the only software program with a veterinary repertory.

Homeopathic Philosophy and Methodology:
* The Organon - either:
1. The 5th Edition translated by Dudgeon with additions from 6th Edition translated by Boericke
2. Organon of the Medical ArtWendy Brewster Reilly
* Lectures on Homeopathic PhilosophyKent
* Principles and Practice of HomeopathyDavid Owen
* Healing Horses Their WayVanderwater
The Science of HomeopathyVithoulkas
Chronic Diseases (The Introduction)Hahnemann
A Guide to the Methodologies of HomeopathyWatson
Sankaran's Schema 2005 EditionSankaran
International Dictionary of HomeopathySwayne
Miasms as Practical ToolsSaxton

CAHM's Animal Science Program
* Small Animal Internal Medicine, Third EditionNelson and Couto
The Merck Veterinary Manual, Ninth EditionMerck & Co. Inc.
(These texts can be purchased from or UBC Bookstore)

(but not required for the school):
The Therapeutic and Healing ProcessChurchill Livingstone
Homeopathic First Aid Treatment for PetsHunter
Everyday Homeopathy for AnimalsHunter
Homeopathic Treatment of Dogs/Cats/Horses/Cattle/GoatsMacLeod
Homeopathic Care for Cats and DogsHamilton
Your Dog and HomeopathyWesterhuis

Materia Medicas:
A Veterinary Materia MedicaMacLeod
Materia Medica and RepertoryBoericke
Materia MedicaPhatak
Synoptic Key of the Materia MedicaBogner
Synoptic Materia MedicaVermeulen
Homeopathic Drug PicturesTyler
Leaders in Homeopathic TherapeuticsNash
Clinical Materia MedicaFarrington
Dictionary of Materia MedicaClarke
Studies of Homeopathic RemediesGibson
Synoptic Materia Medica, Volumes 1 & 2Vermeulen
Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines, Volumes 1 & 2Coulter
Classical Homeopathic LecturesGhegas
Core Elements of Materia Medica of Mind, Volumes 1 & 2Zarren
Dynamis Materia Medica - SyphilisSherr

Repertory of the Materia MedicaKent
Synthetic RepertoryBarthel

Homeopathic Philosophy and Methodology:
Principles and Art of CureRoberts
The Homeopathic Emergency GuideKruzel
Homeopathy in PracticeBorland
The Spirit of HomeopathySankaran
The Substance of HomeopathySankaran
The Soul of RemediesSankaran
The Sensation in HomeopathySankaran
Psyche and SubstanceWhitmont
Homeopathy and MineralsScholten
Homeopathy and the ElementsScholten
Secret LanthanidesScholten
Homeopathy as Art and ScienceWright Hubbard
Tutorials on HomeopathyFoubister
Modern Guide to the Mental Rubrics of Kent's RepertorySault
Dynamics and Methodology of Homeopathic ProvingsSherr
Lesser WritingsKent
Lesser WritingsHahnemann
Materia Medica of the Human MindAgrawal
Therapeutic Pocketbook (esp. the Introduction)Boenninghausen

History of Homeopathy:
The Faces of HomeopathyWinston
Lectures on the Theory and Practice of HomeopathyDudgeon
The Manual of PharmacodynamicsHughes
Divided LegacyCoulter

Classical Monographs:
The Carcinosin Drug PictureFoubister
Pointers to the Common RemediesTyler

Homeopathic Journals:
Homeopathy (formerly The British Homeopathic Journal)
Faculty of Homeopathy Hahnemann House 2 Powis Place Great Ormond Street
London WClN 3HT
Tel: 0171-837-9469

Homeopathic Links
Homeopathic Links De Ree 11 9753 BX Haren The Netherlands
Tel: +31-50-534-7107 Fax: +31-50-534-1252

The Homeopath
Society of Homeopaths 2 Artizan Road Northampton NNl 4HU
Tel: 01604-21400 Fax: 01604-22622

European Journal for Classical Homeopathy
Vithoulkas School, Centre of Homeopathic Medicine, Pericleous 1, Maroussi, Athens 15122 Greece
Tel: + 30-424-65142 Fax: + 30-424-65247
It is strongly recommended that all students become associate members of The Faculty of Homeopathy in order to receive the 'Homeopathy' and advertising of seminars, etc.

BAHVS Newsletter
The Journal of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
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