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- Samuel Hahnemann
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College of Animal
Homeopathic Medicine

233 Seymour River Place
North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2N8
T: 604.983.0987

Recommended Reading

book-don-hamilton.jpg Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals
Don Hamilton, DVM
An introduction to homeopathic medical history must begin with its founder, Samuel Hahnemann.
Passmed.jpg Passionate Medicine
Edited by Robin Shohet
A compelling record of the journeys of five doctors and two veterinary surgeons from conventional medicine to homeopathy.
Saxtonmiasms.gif Miasms as Practical Tools
John Saxton
This book, written by a vet, explores the concept from its beginnings and presents a model for its practical understanding and application. Case histories from both animals and humans are used to illustrate its relevance to everyday clinical practice.
DaySmall.gif The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals
Christopher Day
Described as being "A comprehensive survey of the principles and practice of the homeopathic treatment of small animals for veterinary surgeons, animal breeders and owners" this book gives an introduction to the subject of homeopathy with much practical guidance on its application.
Hahn.gif The Chronic Diseases. Their Peculiar Nature and their Homeopathic Cure
Samual Hahnemann
This second of the classic homeopathic texts produced by Hahnemann covers the introduction of the theory of miasms. It sets out the concept of chronic disease as understood by homeopaths, the obstacles to cure that are engendered by that state and the homeopathic approach to treatment.
HunterEvery.gif Everyday Homeopathy for Animals
Francis Hunter
Written by vet, Francis Hunter, this book is intended primarily for the animal owner or handler and concentrates on the first aid and acute prescribing aspects of homeopathy. However, there is much of value in it to the veterinary surgeon, especially those starting out on the homeopathic route. Both farm and domestic animals are covered, including fish and the hamsters, guinea pigs and other small ‘furries’ that are increasingly being seen in practice.
GregSaxtText.gif Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy
John Saxton & Peter Gregory
The first textbook on homeopathy written by vets for vets. It covers the historical background, philosophy and basic principles of homeopathy, including the scientific basis and veterinary evidence. Each body system is examined from the homeopathic aspect with additional chapters on behavioural problems, neoplasia, the geriatric patient, vaccination and bowel nosodes.
HahnOrg.gif Organon of Medicine
Samual Hahnemann
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered Homeopathy around two centuries ago. As he taught it to other doctors he refined and developed his methods and by the time he died his book on homeopathic philosophy 'The Organon of Medicine' was in its sixth edition.

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Minerva Homeopathic Books
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