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College of Animal
Homeopathic Medicine

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Empowering Veterinarians with Integrative Medicine

Fall 2014

Julie Anne Lee, SCH RCSHom director of the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine

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The world Health Organization lists Homeopathy as the fastest growing medical modality in the world. Julie Anne Lee DCH RcsHOM has been the owner and practitioner of some of the busiest and long standing holistic Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics in North America, instructor at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine, lecturer for the American Homeopathic Veterinary Association, British Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons Association and many more over the last 20 years.

When speaking to Veterinarians at conferences and gatherings the number one concern I hear is that they feel they do not have the tools to easily integrate holistic modalities into their practise or have not achieved the success they had hoped for. I have designed a course and consulting service not only for the new and aspiring Veterinarians but for those that have already the passion and the training yet are having difficulty practically prescribing or finding their way. This course and service focuses not only on holistic medicine but how it fits your individual needs and goals within each practice.

This program not only trains the Veterinarians but includes the entire support staff of technicians, receptionists, assistance and managers all detailed to their scope of practice and duties.

  • practical homeopathy
  • protocols for your busy practice
  • philosophy and how it is seen in the veterinary patient
  • obstacles to cure and how to work with them
  • looking at treating through pathophysiology
  • nutrition
  • nutraceuticals
  • functional medicine
  • vaccines: up to date research, titre testing and what it really means
  • diagnostics a holistic approach, what kind and why: by increasing the use of non invasive diagnostics for an overall picture may lead to the decrease need of drugs and surgery by digging deeper into cases, hence happier clients and patients
  • family dynamics
  • protecting your staff and clinic legally with record keeping and holistic forms
  • marketing your practice

Click here to download the PDF for full details.

Visit for more articles and upcoming lectures on animal homeopathy, diet and more.

walter-cat.jpgPast Courses in CAHM's Animal Homeopathic Medicine Program


The CAHM curriculum is comprised of two 3-year, part-time programs:

• CAHM's HPTG Program Learn more ››

• CAHM's Animal Science Program Learn more ››

DMVs, AHTs, and Veterinary Technicians (who pass the qualifying entrance exam) are not required to attend CAHM's Animal Science Program. Professional Homeopaths and Veterinary Technicians (who do not pass the qualifying entrance exam) are required to attend both CAHM's HPTG Program and CAHM's Animal Science Program.

The 3-year, part-time curriculum will be:

  • 4 modules per year
  • 3 days per module for DVMs, AHTs, and Veterinary Technicians (who pass the qualifying entrance exam)
  • 5 days per module for Professional Homeopaths, Homeopath Students and Veterinary Technicians (who do not pass the qualifying entrance exam)

Note: CAHM's HPTG Program may be extended for an optional post-graduate fourth year.

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