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College of Animal
Homeopathic Medicine

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walter-cat.jpgCAHM's HPTG Course Schedule - Year 1

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CAHM's HPTG Program dates:
Module 1: TBA
Module 2: TBA
Module 3: TBA
Module 4: TBA

Course Outline:

Each Module of CAHM's HPTG Program is three days, commencing on Friday morning and ending on Sunday afternoon. The hours for each day are from 10:00am to 6:00pm. There will be a lunch break and two coffee breaks each day.

Year 1 - Module 1:

Welcome and Administration
History of Homeopathy (P)
Introduction to the Organon (P)
- Layout and Language
Obstacles to Cure (P)
The Remedies including: (R)
- Nosodes/Sarcodes etc.
Current Legislation
Wrap up & Questions

Opening and questions
Introduction to Materia Medica (M)
- Studying Materia Medica
Kingdoms and Signatures (M)
- Acute Remedies 1
Provings (R)
Introduction to Current Research (R)
- including Case Audit Studies
Acute Remedies 2 (M)
Wrap up & Questions

Introduction to the Repertory (C)
- including Computer Repertories
Case Taking 1 (C)
- Modalities and Symptom Hierarchy
The Homeopathic Treatment of Injury (C)
Homeopathy in Surgical Cases (C)
Putting Homeopathy into Practice (C)
Wrap up & Questions
Year 1 - Module 2:

Welcome and Administration
The Constitution and the Similimum (P)
The Organon 2 (P)
- Herings Law
Aggravations (P)
- Primary and Secondary Reactions
Chronic Disease 1 (P)
Case Taking Methodologies (C)
Wrap up & Questions

The Species, Breeds, Constitutional Types(C)
- Normal and Abnormal
Pregnancy, Parturition and the Neonate (C)
The Itchy Dog (C)
Treating GI Tract Disease (C)
Treating Liver, Gall Bladder and Stomach Cases (C)
Wrap up & Questions

Minerals 1 - The Basic Periodic Table (M)
Minerals 2 - Basic elements, metals and salts (M)
Studying Methods - Mind Maps (PD)
Plants 1 - Ranunculacae, Boraginaceae
- Polygalacaea, Lycopodiaceae (M)
Plants 2 - Compositae, Ericaceae, Urticaceae (M)
Wrap up & Questions

Year 1 - Module 3:

Welcome and Administration
Remedy Action (P)
Kent 1
The Organon 3 (P)
Sea Remedies Part 1 (M)
Sea Remedies Part 2 (M)
Remedy Relationships (M)
- Acute versus Chronic, Inimical, Antidote
Wrap up & Questions

The Species, Breeds, Constitutional Types (C)
Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injury and Disease (C)
Headshakers and URTI (C)
Equine Behavior (C)
Equine Colic and Scour
Wrap up & Questions

Plant Remedies 3 (M)
- Anacariaceae, Loganiacaea, Conifers, Rosaceae
Plant Remedies 4 (M)
- Liliflorae, Hamamelidae, Cannabinaceae, Apocynacaea
Pharmacy 2 (R)
Pharmacy 3 (R)
LM Potencies
Introduction to Miasms (P)
- Hahnemann and the Chronic Diseases
Wrap up & Questions
Year 1 - Module 4:

Welcome and Administration
Organ remedies (P)
Drainage Theory. The Tissue Salts.
The Organon 4 (P)
Mineral Remedies 3 (M)
- Calcium Salts
Case Taking 2 (C)
Working with Repertories
Wrap up & Questions

Animal Remedies 1 (M)
Animal Remedies 2 (M)
Case Management (C)
- Client Information and Expectations
N.L.P (PD) Client/Practitioner Relationship
The Acids (M)
Wrap up & Questions

The Species, Breeds, Constitutional (C)
- Normal and Abnormal
Respiratory Disease (C)
Renal and Urinary Tract Disease
Wrap up & Questions

P - Philosophy
M - Materia Medica
C - Clinical Homeopathy
R - Research & Pharmacy
PD - Personal Development

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