College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine Logo "above all, do no harm"
- Samuel Hahnemann
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College of Animal
Homeopathic Medicine

233 Seymour River Place
North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2N8
T: 604.983.0987

College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine

Empowering Veterinarians with Integrative Medicine

Coming Fall 2014

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hahnemann-homeopathy.jpgMISSION STATEMENT

Our College will educate students on the findings, teachings and philosophy of Dr Samuel Hahnemann so they may provide animals with the quickest, most gentle and least invasive cure.

  • To inspire and educate homeopathic animal medicine students while providing a responsible and nurturing environment for the care of animals. CAHM will promote the integration of homeopathic animal medicine into traditional veterinary practice to create a complete and comprehensive model of animal health care that fulfills Samuel Hahnemann's vision that medicine should "above all, do no harm".
  • To address the growing demand for alternative veterinary care by creating a holistic animal medical school to graduate the most highly qualified practitioners.
  • To provide the public, and most importantly the animal community, with access to state of the art homeopathic and holistic animal medicine.
  • To ultimately secure and advance the future of veterinary homeopathy by creating an alumni of like-minded, qualified professionals to lead the way in bridging alternative and conventional medicines.

CAHM (College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine) is the first college in Canada to provide this field of study. Learn more ››

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